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PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: 272 West 86th Street, Manhattan

In 2017, East River Partners converted 3 historic Mansions at 272 West 86th Street into 7 sophisticated family-sized condominium residences. The condos are located between Broadway and West End Avenue, across from the Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew.

History of 272 West 86th Street

The original 19th century townhouses were designed by C.P.H. Gilbert, an architect responsible for the intricate designs of many Manhattan and Brooklyn mansions between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Prior to ERP’s involvement, the townhouses had each been divided into 10 apartments that were in poor condition. Despite its condition, we saw the building’s potential and formulated a design plan.

Project Details

Almost the entire building is brand new. That is my favorite part of this project. We literally preserved nothing except three walls of the original buildings. Starting from scratch gave us a blank slate to fulfill our vision for the property. The intricate limestone bow fronts of the townhouses were carefully restored, but the rest of the property was completely remodeled.

To support the outer facade and side walls, we built a temporary lattice-like steel structure. The structure provided support needed to safely tear out the buildings’ interiors. Architect Barry Rice worked with us to repair the cornice, patch the limestone, add decorative medallions and wreaths, and replace cracked balusters along balconies.

Our efforts allowed the historic landmark to be preserved, all while giving the building new life. Remodeling the condos had a price tag of approximately $30 million.

Property Description

The building is a 6-story condominium with 7 apartments. Some living rooms are 30 or 40 feet wide, a valued feature in Manhattan. The condos also feature 3-6 bedrooms per unit, Italian cabinetry and stonework in the kitchens, spacious bedrooms and closets, oversized bathrooms with marble mosaic flooring, large windows and additional storage space.

Two of the new condos have backyards that are 30-feet in width...

For full story, please visit my real estate project blog.

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